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Quinta-feira, Setembro 13, 2001



a small tear in the morning

i prayed for a miracle
to take me out of
the ordinary

i got the chaos
a huge one

i prayed for something
really good
flowers in my rainbow garden

i found myself in a desert
a really dry one

i wish i could be brave
i wish i could forget
i wish i wouldn't be here

i wish i could find solidarity
i wish i could find tenderness
i wish i could find a simple smile

i prayed for people
find love and peace
in their lifes

harmony and joy
what did i found?

i need to learn
i wont give too much of me
to those that are unable to give
to those that don't know how
to receive

to those that didnt learn
"that the greatest thing you ever learn
is just to love and be loved in return"

por kktanaka ~



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