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Sexta-feira, Setembro 28, 2001



the career makeover do emode
Film Director

Ah, to be an artist. For people like you, it's both a privilege and a curse to be driven by the overpowering urge to create at all costs. You view your life as an opportunity to give expression and form to your vivid imagination. As a talented creative force, you have an emotional disposition. You're driven by passion, sometimes at the expense of reason. But what do you care? You're an artist—it's practically a license to be irrational. Of course, that doesn't mean you don't get along with others. On the contrary, you're a real team player. Your character can establish a fun, open environment that welcomes innovation and supports the creative process for everyone involved. It's a great and enviable talent.

Who's like you:

Likely careers:
Film director, art director, choreographer, graphic designer, acrobat

tá. alguém teria aí um cargo de direção em alguma empresa cinematográfica, hein?
pode ser tb roteirista...

por kktanaka ~



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