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Quarta-feira, Novembro 22, 2000



hello kitty has no mouth - because she thinks tooooo much.
her head is big
yours eyes are smart
a yellow nose
tell me: where have you been?
walking in the clowds of my thoughts.
looking for something that i cant see.
looking for eyes that couldnt see me...
looking for questions with no responses...
just to made something

paty que me sempre cita...
pessoas, pessoas... diria vc...
estou em estado letárgico
alucinóides potenciais
just because... sometimes...
everything is so confusing...
that i just want to hide myself away

estranhos, costumeiros
de um passado que talvez não tenha
sequer existido

where is the joy?
where is the way?
that will guide me away?

ballots - sheet

por kktanaka ~



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